FLYING NO. 1  — Kate Moss, The Gut
FLYING NO. 2 — Ryley O’Byrne, Winking at the hand
FLYING NO. 3 — Marnix van Uum, Untitled page 16 (flag)
FLYING NO. 4 — Emily Neufeld, Motherlands
FLYING NO. 5 — Daisy Madden-Wells, Strange but not a stranger
FLYING NO. 6 — Annemarie Wadlow, Katrina's Room:
                                  moonbeams, to negotiate a better arrangement

FLYING NO. 7  — Zebulon Zang, Volcanoes don’t make love with the stars
FLYING NO. 8  — Kasia Fudakowski, It’s high time
FLYING NO. 9  — Á. Birna Björnsdóttir & Bergur Anderson, Ten of Moods
FLYING NO. 10 — Stephan Wright, I see see no context
FLYING NO. 11 — Adele Dipasquale, The pain to speak, the pain not to
                                  (for Theresa)

FLYING NO. 12 — Lucy Cordes Engelman, Earth Remembered Me
                                  (love - lies - bleeding)

FLYING NO. 13 — Jack Bardwell, Airing out the Laundry